Hello and welcome to our website!  We're a family business in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  Karen, the owner, is an art teacher with many years of experience teaching in the local area.  She has also taught courses at Harrisburg University, and has presented workshops at national conferences.  

We're the proud parents of two wonderful kids, ten years apart in age.  Jelena, our daughter, has gone into business with us as well and also has a passion for teaching art.  We look forward to your visit at Create-A-Palooza, and are excited to see what you create!


Incidentally, Karen and Jim both grew up in the local area, and each has family ties to several generations of Central PA ancestors.  This is very obvious in the following period photo.  Isn't the resemblance uncanny? *

*  In all seriousness, the picture you see above is a Collodion/Wet-Plate photograph created a few years back.  It was taken by the wonderful folks at Victorian Photo Studio in Gettysburg, PA.  They used authentic techniques that date to the mid 19th century.  We all had to remain completely motionless for about 30 seconds, including Aedan, who was six at the time.   We'd recommend scheduling a visit with them the next time you're in Gettysburg!